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A website has become a requirement for businesses nowadays. This is why a lot of web development companies in the Philippines have sprouted to cater to these needs. Although many companies offer affordable website packages in the Philippines, you may still have doubts whether you really need a website or the fad is just overrated. We’ve listed down some of the reasons why you should get your own business website. We’ll also be discussing the things you should expect your site to have when you avail the services of website developers in the Philippines.

Development companies

There are a lot of companies in the Philippines offering affordable website services to businesses, both big and small. Typical professional development companies have resources that can work on your website within a short period of time.

Although dubbed as ‘affordable’, their rates may not fit your limited budget. Their market rate plays around the ballpark figure of PHP 50,000.00 for web development in the Philippines. These companies have teams for development, web design, quality assurance, and technical writing. You pay for their services to get a high-quality product at the end of the project.

Development companies usually charge fees for support and maintenance of your website after it has been handed over to you. This may put you in a predicament: you should have a team that can fix your site when there are problems but you lack the funds to hire such a team.


If you’re having trouble with the price of hiring a development company, another option to consider is to contract the services of a freelancer. Freelancers offer one of the cheapest prices in the web development industry. These developers are frequently found in online job platforms.

The greatest downside to their services, though, is the quality of work they deliver. Not all provide a commendable output that’s on par with professional development companies. Another thing is that you may have a hard time contacting them for support and maintenance once project turnover has been completed.

1Devs Inc.

The best option is to get the service of 1Devs Inc. We combine the best of both worlds, offering truly affordable website development service in the Philippines. For a low rate, we can build you a website with quality on par with more established development qualities.

Nothing’s better than our PHP 12,000.00 package – a rate that is almost as low as those offered by freelancers. This rate is ideal for start-ups that have a limited budget. Despite the price being this low, the quality of our work is not to be trifled with. We have a team of experienced developers and web designers who can make your ideas come to life.

The best part about our offer at 1Devs Inc. is the support and maintenance we provide to our customers. We won’t leave you out there to dry after we’ve completed the project. We’ll continue working with you to keep your website up and running.

Here’s an overview of what we meant by building an affordable website package in the Philippines.

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