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Which one is the best avenue to promote your start-up business? Through social media pages or a business website? We’ll tackle the factors you need to consider in choosing the most suitable platform for your business.

1) Your own space

Social media sites come and go. Although platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have proven their stability, the situation may change in a few years if people decide to switch to a different channel. A website, however, is here to stay. As long as the internet exists, there will be websites.

Having a page on a social media platform is like leasing a property. You have limited flexibility on how you can use your area. If ever the owner decides to close the whole property or impose new rules, you have no choice but to follow. With a website, you have your own space. You can showcase all your products, create your own rules, and be creative as much as you want.

2) Branding

You can only do so much with social media pages in terms of branding. You can include your logo and a number of images pertaining to your company, but that’s it. Remember that you’re just leasing a space on the platform so this should be understandable.

If you want your brand to be taken seriously, having a website is the best option. You’ll have to hire a reliable provider of website development service in the Philippines like 1Devs Inc. to be able to build a creative website that accentuates your company’s branding.

3) Professionalism

Since creating a social media page is free, some people may think that a page created bearing your company’s name has the possibility of being fan-made; something that has not been officially approved by your company.

A website, on the other hand, offers a more professional tone compared to a social media page. The information and contents posted on the site are given more credit compared to a social media page.

Websites cannot be made as easily as social media pages. It takes time and money to build a good one. This means it’s not as easy to forge as social media accounts. You’ll need the help of a website development service provider in the Philippines like 1Devs Inc. to create a professional-looking site

4) Promotion

Social media platforms are okay as your temporary hub while building up your business profile. They’re good if you’re just having a soft opening. But once your business booms and starts reeling in more customers, having a website becomes more sensible.

Consider a website as your actual presence in the internet space and social media is more of a marketing tool to promote your website.

It’s good to have your presence felt on both platforms. Build a website and also create a social media page for your business. With this, you can capitalize on the strengths of both avenues to help your business grow faster.
If you’ve decided to put up your own website, look for 1Devs Inc., a website development service in the Philippines that offers various packages suitable to start-ups.

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