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It’s now mandatory for businesses to have their own website so that people can easily search for them on the internet. It’s not a luxury anymore to own one, especially now that there are many affordable website packages in the Philippines you can choose from. But what should you look for in a website package you plan to avail? Where can you get the best price for a website package in the Philippines?

What to look for in a website package

If you’re planning to avail a website package in the Philippines, you must make sure that your selected developer will provide your site with the following features:

• Customized business email
Do you still have your business email registered under Gmail or Yahoo? If you do, better take immediate action to switch to a more personalized one.
If you can’t buy a domain of your own so why should people trust you that you have the resources to take on large-scale and long-term projects? People may see your company as someone who doesn’t have the budget to operate with stability if you don’t have your own business email.

• Content management system (CMS)

A website must have a CMS that will allow you to better control what’s displayed on your site. You don’t want to call your web developer every time you have to put a missing comma on your published article.
Uploading of images, adding content, and changing colors should be made easier with the help of the built-in CMS. Advanced CMS features even allow you to add and delete pages on your site. The CMS must be intuitive that even non-technical users can manage the website without your help.

• Mobile responsive design

Majority of web users access the internet through their mobile devices. It’s obvious that your website should be perfectly viewable on the most popular smartphones and tablets. The user experience on the desktop version should also not be any different from the mobile one.
Overlooking this feature will make your website look broken when viewed on smaller devices. This will definitely discourage viewers from doing business with you so make sure your web developer has this feature covered.

• Support

Support is important in any business endeavor. However, most website package offers in the Philippines don’t include support services in the pricing. Running a website without developer support is like driving without a spare tire – the moment something goes wrong, you’re stuck unless you find help. 1Devs Inc. won’t leave you out there exposed and helpless. The price of our website packages already includes a year of customer support. From setting up the website and configuring the domain to actual product launch and after-service support, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

The best website package you can get

1Devs Inc. offers all the features discussed above and more on our website packages. Starting at PHP 12,000, you can have your own website where you can put any content that you want.
Aside from offering one of the most affordable website package prices in the Philippines, we also have digital marketing, custom software development, and mobile app development services in our repertoire.

1Devs Inc. offers affordable pricing without skimping on the quality of our output. You can rely on us to develop a website that will make your business stand out above the rest. If you want to know more about our services, just contact us via email or phone and we’ll quickly respond to your queries.

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