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Dos Xpress Delivery Philippines


Dos Xpress Delivery Philippines

With the flourishing of e-Commerce businesses in the country, we became fascinated with the discovery of the e-Commerce businesses that are thriving within the Central Business District areas such as Ortigas, Makati and Taguig. Living in and working in the Central Business District gave us the firsthand experience of the so-called fast paced life in a fast-paced environment. This fascination in e-Commerce businesses led us to the conceptualization of a transport company that will provide the necessary business solutions to the growing demands of these businesses. There may be many different ways to make these works but we realized that the best way is to execute all the plans we have in mind since we started the conceptualization over a year ago. With the creation of Dos Xpress, we formed a team of people dedicated to providing the best cost-efficient services that will cater to the needs of the industry.

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