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Business Strategy for Manpower Agency. 


The primary objective of a manpower agency is to recruit as many qualified talents as possible. Where else to go in this digital age other than in online platforms accessible to millions of people? Having a recruitment website can increase your organization’s visibility tenfold.

A simple and straightforward recruitment website design is all you need to invite more candidates to apply to open positions. Our recruitment agency website design allows easy navigation of available job openings, including descriptions and other information vital to applicants.

Your recruitment site will feature an online application form that can help give you a quick overview of the qualifications of applicants. We’ll also include a feature where they can upload their resumes for further screening purposes. Applicants can also view the status of their application on the site.Job applicants are always on the move, looking for employment opportunities. 

This is why our recruitment agency website designs are mobile-responsive so they can be viewed on any device without problems.Recruitment websites are visited by thousands of users every hour. This is why performance is given priority over aesthetics to ensure fast loading times and smoother browsing experience. Nevertheless, our recruitment website designs don’t sacrifice look and branding to achieve the right balance between speed and functionality.


As a manpower agency, your organization is not new to receiving tons of information every day. This may be difficult to organize, especially when your number exceeds the hundred or thousand mark. With our scalable recruitment CRM, this is a simple task.

Make your recruitment agency flexible and quick in providing manpower to clients who urgently need them. Our recruitment management software allows you to broadcast open shifts which can be received by employees on a mobile application. You have full control over your roster with our recruitment management software. You can track work hours, manage leaves, and control job postings with ease using our system.

Our recruitment CRM can also be integrated with LinkedIn and similar social media sites focused on expanding professional networks. You can also have it linked to any existing payroll system you’re using so you can easily track wages and other labor expenses.

With 1DEVS you customized your HRIS - Payroll System Philippines Manage your clients and candidates using a central database. Upload client contracts, payslips, and other important documents so you can easily track everything with just a single application. Another feature of our HR recruitment software is the capability to manage interview processes by scheduling interviews and recording what transpired between the applicant and the interviewer.


You don’t want just anyone to apply for your job openings. You want to attract the best candidates at the onset. With this, you should know which audience you’re targeting with your job posts.

Our methods in marketing recruitment agencies help grab the attention of 
potential candidates, enticing them to visit your website and look at the job posts.

Job descriptions can be handled by our content marketing team to make sure the relayed information sound professional yet approachable to whoever will see it.

Our strategy in marketing staffing agencies involves the use of SEO, PPC 
advertising, and social media activity to ensure your organization is visible on all platforms.

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